Blogs are dumb

I’ve been using Facebook as a blog. It’s not the best site for that kind of thing, so here we are.

This will be a place to collect random, cool articles, videos, photos, etc. that I come across. I think I just want a place where I can look back in a year and say, “Oh yeah, that was weird.”

This will also be a place to just jot down thoughts as they come. Nothing fancy, just random stuff stated clearly and concisely. I hope.

My objective is not to gain public recognition, or to be discovered and turn this blog into a movie someday. I’m not sure why I’m putting all this down on the interwebz, I just want to keep some kind of journal, and I won’t do that without some kind of accountability, and this is will hopefully help me maintain a regular schedule of entries. I promise to have fewer run-on sentences in my future posts.


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