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I made this

I’ve re-watched the first couple episodes of Avatar: Legend of Korra, and this part just kills me.  Meelo has been cemented as my favorite character so far.  What a stinker.

If you don’t know about this series, let me make your day a little better.  It’s a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is an amazing series (ignore the disaster of a movie).  The fight scenes are great, the characters are easy to love, and the series, which starts out as childish, becomes dark and emotionally deep.  You’ll love it.

kids can be so cruel

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Bear shenanigans

This photo has not been altered.  This actually happened.  A bear comically dropped out of a tree the other day after being tranquilized near a university.  The students got to pet its paws before it was taken away.  So cute.

it looks like a bear on a trampoline

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Too hot to handle

glyph I saw on a stela at La Milpa, Belize

I woke up yesterday feeling good.  I got an email a couple weeks ago from a friend and professor at UCLA, asking if I could lead his class through the ancient Maya exhibit at LACMA.  Of course I accepted, and it went great.  I was nervous the day before, but I pulled the class in front of a stela, and my mouth just started moving and I was awesome.  So much fun!  Once again (just like when I landed Karate Job), it was a small dream come true: I got to teach a group of college students about the ancient Maya.

I got home to dote on Diminutive Roommate, who is recovering from some minor surgery.  Her mom came into town for it, and she’s the best.  DR is healing quickly, and being a real champ about it.  I think it really helps that her mom is here to be doctorly and motherly.  She’s pretty great.  We played Epic Spell Wars: Duel at Mount Skullzfyre, and had a little caramel Bailey’s.  I can’t imagine my mom rolling with that kind of plan.  She’s so full of judgement.  Plus, we’d have to get her out of the house first.

Anyway, Diminutive Roommate has been sick for a couple of weeks, and I’ve been keeping my distance whenever I could to make sure I didn’t catch anything (although the kids at the dojo have been pretty nose-picky lately).  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  My throat started hurting around 8pm.  Within an hour I was sore everywhere and exhausted.  I woke up this morning with a fever of 100.1.  Crap.  I emailed both jobs and said I wouldn’t be coming in.  I’d just be arriving at Karate Job right now if I’d been healthy today.

Sister shared a memory with my family a little while ago that once, when I was sick with a fever, she covered me with blankets just like my folks told her to when they left for work.  When they came back, I had a fever of 105 or something, and they got mad at her for putting all those blankets on me.  We were just kids, she didn’t know any better.  Still, she was next to tears when told us about that.  I don’t remember that at all.  She obviously still feels responsible.  Poor Sister.

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classy and deadly

Gargoyles is one of the cartoons that defined the kind of person I wanted to grow up to be.  One of the main characters, Detective Maza, was a beautiful, straightforward cop who kicked all kinds of ass and didn’t take shit from anyone.  She’s a gun-toting, badge-wearing, ass-kicking justice machine who had gargoyles for friends.  Naturally, she was my idol.  Plus I wanted to be a gargoyle.  So epic.  The series was full of strong female characters.  Even the evil ones like Demona were admirable.

Gargoyles was such a great series.  It was beautifully illustrated, flooded with mythology and voiced by half of the Star Trek TNG cast.  There’s nothing to dislike about this series other than the fact that it only ran for three seasons, and Disney has given up on releasing it on DVD in full due to poor first season sales.  Goddammit.  I’m reduced to watching it online.

the understated love story was almost too subtle for me at the time


Healthy and horrified

basically a weekly visitation from this guy

When I spent a month in the jungles of Belize doing archaeology, digging an ancient Maya ballcourt, I had to get all kinds of vaccines and take malaria medication once per week for a few weeks before and after, and every week during my stay there.  When the doctor told me of the side effects (dizziness, upset stomach, etc.) he neglected the one that would have caught my attention: nightmares.  It also happens to be the most common side effect, so common, in fact, that almost every other member of the archaeology team who was on this medication experienced them.

These nightmares were exceptionally graphic, bloody and violent, and everyone had them.  Once we realized what was happening, we instinctively made little support groups.  The people who took their malaria pills on Tuesdays would wake up on Wednesday morning and huddle together at breakfast comparing horrors, and so on throughout the week.  I can only remember two, and they both include my family doing horrible things.

Kitchen knives
My mother and sister have me cornered in the kitchen in the house I grew up in (near the toaster).  Whenever I try to slip out of the corner, they calmly slash at me to keep me there.  They’re smiling and laughing at my futile escape attempts.

Pool of Parts
I’m in a swimming pool that has been dyed red with the blood of freshly hacked-up body parts that have been put there (or maybe they’re swimmers who got chopped up before they could escape).  I’m attempting to get out of the pool, but my mom, sister and dad keep pushing me back in with long wooden poles.

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Two years!

I'm gonna need a sword (obviously)

Today is the two year anniversary of my blog!  Super exciting!  I’ve decided to commemorate this event by creating a page on this blog where I keep track of my dreams.  Should be weird.

The traditional gift for a two year anniversary is cotton, and it just so happens that I just bought myself a cotton gift: new Renaissance Faire costume!  I got this pretty green dress, plus the long, high-waisted yellow skirt underneath, which I’ve been wearing around with a dark green tank top tucked in and I look like such a lady.  Love it.

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Death by snuggle

This happens… almost every night I spend at Boyfriend’s place.  He’s an affectionate guy, which I love, but sleepy time is time to sleep, not time to invade Girlfriend’s space until she’s so annoyed that she has to get up and go to another bed in the house to sleep.  Most of the time I just grumble and give him some little nudges and push him back over to his side of the bed, which he takes good-naturedly, and if he’s awake enough, I hear a few muffled, “sowwy, sowwy gurlfwend, sowwy.”  It’s pretty cute, when it’s not infuriating.