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“Yes! A thousand times, yes!”

The proper response: “Make it so.”  Obviously.  I hope Boyfriend does something like this if/when he proposes.  And he will, assuming he knows me at all.

only a filthy Ferengi says no to Picard

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Death by snuggle

This happens… almost every night I spend at Boyfriend’s place.  He’s an affectionate guy, which I love, but sleepy time is time to sleep, not time to invade Girlfriend’s space until she’s so annoyed that she has to get up and go to another bed in the house to sleep.  Most of the time I just grumble and give him some little nudges and push him back over to his side of the bed, which he takes good-naturedly, and if he’s awake enough, I hear a few muffled, “sowwy, sowwy gurlfwend, sowwy.”  It’s pretty cute, when it’s not infuriating.


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Singular sensations

Diminutive Roommate named it "Boyfriend"

I have a good number of single friends, all really smart, funny, confident, good-looking people who just can’t seem to find another 20-something to appreciate them.  It’s such a shame, they’re such cool people.  I wish I could find partners for them, not because they’re all miserable on their own, just to make them feel special and cared for.  It’s nice to have a special connection with someone, and it bothers me that they don’t have that right now, and haven’t for years.  Some of them have tried online dating with mixed, but eventually fruitless results.  Diminutive Roommate got an awesome massage chair a while back, and seems very much in love, but it’s a temporary fix.

I hold back about how happy Boyfriend and I are together.  I don’t want to rub it in, but things are pretty great between us.  He has friends coming into town (they’re quality people) next month; we’re going to Disneyland together!  And again, I wish my friends had someone’s hand to hold in line, waiting to ride Pirates.  It’s so nice being able to share an experience with someone else who wants to share it with you too.  It’s exciting!  I wish there were six of me (male and female) so I could ask my friends out, hahaha  🙂  They’re just awesome.