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Group text shenanigans

You gotta be real careful when sending out a group text not to include some yahoo who will take the first chance to be a giant weirdo and inform all others on said text that your choice of friends has been questionable at best, and totally unjustifiable at worst.  Naturally, I am that yahoo.

A friend of mine sent out a Happy New Year text to me and a bunch of people I don’t know.  A couple days later, one of them accidentally texted us all back in an attempt to text one of them regarding movie plans.  MISTAKE, lol.

the total lack of response since then has solidified my position as "the odd one" in that group of friends (strangers to me).  WIN.

the total lack of response since then has solidified my position as “the odd one” in that group of friends (strangers to me). WIN.


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“Yes! A thousand times, yes!”

The proper response: “Make it so.”  Obviously.  I hope Boyfriend does something like this if/when he proposes.  And he will, assuming he knows me at all.

only a filthy Ferengi says no to Picard

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Death by snuggle

This happens… almost every night I spend at Boyfriend’s place.  He’s an affectionate guy, which I love, but sleepy time is time to sleep, not time to invade Girlfriend’s space until she’s so annoyed that she has to get up and go to another bed in the house to sleep.  Most of the time I just grumble and give him some little nudges and push him back over to his side of the bed, which he takes good-naturedly, and if he’s awake enough, I hear a few muffled, “sowwy, sowwy gurlfwend, sowwy.”  It’s pretty cute, when it’s not infuriating.


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Still str8 against H8

This collection of pro-gay marriage protest signs made me smile today.  Nothing like a sense of humor to invigorate your cause.

My personal favorites:


"get back in the car, honey."

finally, irrefutable evidence