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“Yes! A thousand times, yes!”

The proper response: “Make it so.”  Obviously.  I hope Boyfriend does something like this if/when he proposes.  And he will, assuming he knows me at all.

only a filthy Ferengi says no to Picard

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I pretty much caught Boyfriend looking at rings on his iPhone a few months ago.

He was showing me some random photos he had taken, and as I scrolled back, I found a few diamond rings.  “That’s pretty…” I mumbled, vaguely.
“I was… looking for jewelry for my grandma.  For Christmas.”  A quick, if somewhat inept recovery.
“Ah, ok… Diamond rings?”
“I wanna help.  Let’s look.”

And that is the story of how I tricked Boyfriend into finding out what kind of engagement ring I would want.  Naturally he prefers something with a more modern look.  I prefer antique.  We found some compromises.  I’m leaning toward hexagonal settings.

He doesn’t want to get engaged until we’ve lived together, and know for a fact that we can stand that kind of lifestyle.  It’s a good idea, but I don’t see that happening anytime in the next year or so.  So I made him promise to stay with me forever.  Now, when he’s being cute, I look and him and say, “No take-backs,” to remind him of his promise.  He always smiles, laughs, and agrees, yes, no take-backs.

purty, but does it have to be a diamond?

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3 years without heavy metals

Boyfriend and I celebrated our three-year anniversary yesterday with sushi (mmmm, salmon).  I can’t believe it.  It doesn’t feel that long.  We’re really happy together.  It’s… kinda really, really nice.

I do! lol

A couple days ago he asked if I would choose to get a ring, earrings or necklace as a present.  I kinda stared at him like, “um… what?”  He knows I don’t wear jewelry, given how many chances there would be to lose it when I take it off at the dojo and at home.  And we’re not the type to exchange expensive gifts (I got him a button-down shirt this year.  Last year was go kart tickets).  Then I figured here’s my chance to get a present!  LOL  I said a ring, so I can look at it and feel loved (which is hard to do with the other two).

I don’t take this as a sign of an incoming shiny bauble.  Boyfriend is the type to gather information, and wait for the perfect time, the perfect item, the perfect circumstance before he were to introduce anything as substantial as precious metals into the relationship.  I told him once that I would be satisfied with a ring made of thread, and that I would cherish it in the stead of a traditional ring.  It’s true.  I’m proud of the person I’ve become, if that’s how I feel about jewelry.