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I pretty much caught Boyfriend looking at rings on his iPhone a few months ago.

He was showing me some random photos he had taken, and as I scrolled back, I found a few diamond rings.  “That’s pretty…” I mumbled, vaguely.
“I was… looking for jewelry for my grandma.  For Christmas.”  A quick, if somewhat inept recovery.
“Ah, ok… Diamond rings?”
“I wanna help.  Let’s look.”

And that is the story of how I tricked Boyfriend into finding out what kind of engagement ring I would want.  Naturally he prefers something with a more modern look.  I prefer antique.  We found some compromises.  I’m leaning toward hexagonal settings.

He doesn’t want to get engaged until we’ve lived together, and know for a fact that we can stand that kind of lifestyle.  It’s a good idea, but I don’t see that happening anytime in the next year or so.  So I made him promise to stay with me forever.  Now, when he’s being cute, I look and him and say, “No take-backs,” to remind him of his promise.  He always smiles, laughs, and agrees, yes, no take-backs.

purty, but does it have to be a diamond?


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