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classy and deadly

Gargoyles is one of the cartoons that defined the kind of person I wanted to grow up to be.  One of the main characters, Detective Maza, was a beautiful, straightforward cop who kicked all kinds of ass and didn’t take shit from anyone.  She’s a gun-toting, badge-wearing, ass-kicking justice machine who had gargoyles for friends.  Naturally, she was my idol.  Plus I wanted to be a gargoyle.  So epic.  The series was full of strong female characters.  Even the evil ones like Demona were admirable.

Gargoyles was such a great series.  It was beautifully illustrated, flooded with mythology and voiced by half of the Star Trek TNG cast.  There’s nothing to dislike about this series other than the fact that it only ran for three seasons, and Disney has given up on releasing it on DVD in full due to poor first season sales.  Goddammit.  I’m reduced to watching it online.

the understated love story was almost too subtle for me at the time

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Y’know what’s awesome? Home Movies.

Melissa, Brandon, and Jason

I’m on a Home Movies kick right now.  It’s such a great show.  The humor is so quick and subtle, the kids are hilarious, and the art style is simple and fun.  I burst out laughing at the last line of the first episode.  I’m so glad there’s an American cartoon for adults like this.

I’ve been watching a bunch with Boyfriend, who seems to take more pleasure in watching me laugh than he does in the show itself.  “Yeah?  Was that funny, pretty girl?” he’ll say as I chuckle to myself long after the last joke was over.  Then with the snuggling.

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This theme song got me as a kid.  I couldn’t stand the cartoon itself, but I couldn’t get enough of the intro.  C’mon, it’s inspirational!

a simple shoeshine boy... or is he?

When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The cry goes up both far and near for…
Underdog! (Underdog!)
Underdog! (Underdog!)
Speed of lightning,
Roar of thunder,
Fighting all who rob or plunder,
Underdog (Underdog) Underdog!

Here’s the intro itself.

And Scrubs did it a cappella (starting at 1:40).

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Anime night!

I invited a bunch of work folks over to watch some anime.  I sent out a mass email invitation complete with offers of deluxe home-made ramen, their choice of mochi ice cream flavor, and about a dozen synopses of some movies and TV series the anime first-timers might enjoy.

I got one response.  Thank god it was yes.  I’m a little sad.

why is it wrapped up? wtf?!

I understand why people are hesitant to watch anime.  I get it.  Really.  They picture the giant eyes, and the impossible hair, the enormous swords, the subtitles (how dare they make us read for entertainment!).  As an avid anime fan, I’ll be the first to say it: anime can be weird and off-putting, just like any other genre.

But it also allows us to think outside the box like no other medium.  It’s a cartoon!  Anything can happen!  Who wouldn’t love that?  The cost of an anime movie is a lot cheaper than a live-action movie, so technically we’re getting more fantastic stories that look amazing from anime per dollar.  That’s five amazing animes for the price of one live-action film!  I’m totally making these number up, btw.  I’ll have to do some research.

totally, completely accurate


Ok, so it looks like the budget for Spirited Away was ¥1.9 billion, which converts to roughly $23 million.  Scratch together two times that amount, and you could almost afford to hire Eddie Murphy to ruin your film (and that doesn’t even cover the cost of a fat suit).  Inception had a budget of $200 million.  Paprika, an anime movie on the same topic (dream-based science fiction-action-thriller-mystery!) was supposedly made for around $3 million.  And Paprika was part of the inspiration behind Inception!

In case you’re still not convinced that anime is worth your while, AMERICA, here’s a screenshot I took of how Naruto hoped he would look once he was transformed into a cat:

initiate heart melting

P.S. Like how I blamed my coworkers’ lack of interest in anime night at my place entirely on anime?  I’m sorry, my friend, but it’s you or me!  lol