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A new goal for genetic engineering

Teacher Roommate and I were sitting in the living room watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix when she burst out laughing, and could not stop.  She turned her laptop around and showed me the below image she found on Pinterest under the category “how to humiliate your pets.”  I doubt this image will ever fail to improve my day.

bwahahaha so cute omg adorable

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Where is my puppy

I’ve been feeling like this recently:

I want a pet, and so does Boyfriend.  Boyfriend never had a pet growing up, so he regresses into a child around Calico (Diminutive Roommate’s cat).  It’s pretty precious.  We’ve decided that when we move in together (whenever that is), we’re definitely getting a kitten.  He wants a fluffy one.  He’s going to find the cutest one he can, and get it without telling me.  You just watch.