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Hi, my name is Awkward

I’m still doing shit like this (in my head).  I feel like a child.  I feel dumb.  I need to accept the fact that I will:
a) never be one of those super cool adults that have their shit together
b) never not do shit like this

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A guide to online comics

I realized I’ve been referencing a lot of online comics to friends recently, and it’s super awkward.  “In this one online comic I read, there’s a character who’s a troll with really terrible gas, and he’s hilarious, but anyway…”  Not what I could call a quality, two-sided conversation.

Flow chart to the rescue!  This is the last week of my first semester in my online Master’s degree program.  I made this during class.  In fact, class is still going on as I type this.  I still have a 10-page paper to do for this class, so I don’t feel too bad about making time to do something fun.

i made this


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Where is my puppy

I’ve been feeling like this recently:

I want a pet, and so does Boyfriend.  Boyfriend never had a pet growing up, so he regresses into a child around Calico (Diminutive Roommate’s cat).  It’s pretty precious.  We’ve decided that when we move in together (whenever that is), we’re definitely getting a kitten.  He wants a fluffy one.  He’s going to find the cutest one he can, and get it without telling me.  You just watch.