Daredevil needs some new moves

I’ve been reading comics since I was a kid, and there are loads of characters I’d like to get to know that I’ve never given enough time to: Green Lantern, Usagi Yojimbo, Deadpool, Cloak and Dagger, etc.  Daredevil was on that list until I bought Daredevil: Yellow a few years back.  I love Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, they’re a great team so I gave it a shot and was very pleased with what they produced.

But there was one thing that bothered me: Daredevil is drawn in the same weird mid-swing pose ten times.  TEN TIMES.  It’s not flattering.  It’s awkward and distracting.  Did they not do enough studies of the various poses a human body can make in mid-air?  So weird.

why... WHY

why… WHY

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New obsession: Broodhollow

I’ve been following a new webcomic, Broodhollow, for a few weeks now and I’m totally mesmerized.  The artwork is smooth and gritty with beautiful coloring.  The characters jump off the page.  The storyline is fun, creepy and mysterious.  I just love it.


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A guide to online comics

I realized I’ve been referencing a lot of online comics to friends recently, and it’s super awkward.  “In this one online comic I read, there’s a character who’s a troll with really terrible gas, and he’s hilarious, but anyway…”  Not what I could call a quality, two-sided conversation.

Flow chart to the rescue!  This is the last week of my first semester in my online Master’s degree program.  I made this during class.  In fact, class is still going on as I type this.  I still have a 10-page paper to do for this class, so I don’t feel too bad about making time to do something fun.

i made this


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I am many nerds

I’m a nerd in a lot of ways; I read comics, play computer games, play video games, read Tolkien, read manga, watch anime, watch sci-fi, play table-top games, attend (and dress up for) Renaissance Faires… the list goes on and on.  I pulled out my keys the other day and noticed that some of my nerd-dom was fully on display, and had been for quite some time.

the weighted companion cube was a gift from Diminutive Roommate 🙂

Behold!  My awesome nerd keychain crap!   A Weighted Companion Cube from Portal, a light I got at ComicCon from the Battlestar Galactica booth, and a little carrot icon from the old days when a carrot on a stick was the most valuable item you could pick up at Gadgetzan in Tanaris from that one goblin, and god help you if you actually got those blue goggles instead, because that 3% meant life or death on a PVP server.

I get made fun of (mostly by Sister) for being a nerd, but she can eat shit for all I care.  I’m having a blast.  I’m not shutting myself in my room every weekend, hunched over a comic or my computer, avoiding sunlight and making no attempt at human interaction.  I am not a Gollum-nerd.  I am a modern-day nerd, enjoying my nerd friends and my eclectic interests.  Plus, I have a few anti-nerd weapons I can whip out: I’m female, I’m attractive, do KARATE HAI-YA!, I have many friends, I go out, I have an (attractive) significant other, I socialize easily with strangers, etc.

I am many nerds, and I am happy.

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Stop it, anime

So, *sigh* I was poking around Things from Another World, when I came across some anime inspired figurines of Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  Which, in a nutshell, means their outfits are even more impractical, Wonder Woman’s sword is absurdly large, and Catwoman is inexplicably wearing semi-mechanical-looking claw-shoes.  And of course they have to wear heels.  The thought dawned on me, “Stop it, anime.  Stop throwing up on everything.”













And yet… I like Catwoman’s getup.  For a futuristic reboot, it totally works.  But for a present-day re-imagining, it doesn’t make sense for her character.  She’s a self-made, single-minded crook.  She doesn’t need or want a fancy costume; she’s a ninja that steals shit.  And in case you didn’t know, she’s the best character in the DC universe.  So stop fucking her up, anime.  ^__^ lol

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Spooky love

I wish this guy were my uncle

I used to really dislike Penny Arcade.  Probably because the ex-boyfriend (let’s call him Nebraska McBaldyFat) who introduced it to me worshiped it so damn much.  He got just about every joke, and when he didn’t, he’d laugh anyway, then look it up so he could be one of the cool kids.

I have since come around to enjoy the illustration style when I don’t understand the point of their comics, like this one which I fell in love with the moment I saw the final frame.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, way more than Xmas or even my own birthday.  I’m anti-slutty costume and I don’t eat the candy, but just love having permission to act like a weirdo for a whole day/night along with everyone else; it’s like we all really are friends.  Everyone’s smiling and having a great time.  It’s one nation-wide party.  Mostly, I dress like a dog and bark at passers-by.  It’s pretty fantastic.

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Comics finally love me back

I participated in a small contest a little while ago at Meltdown Comics in honor of the Kick Ass movie coming out. I dressed up like a dog and did some martial arts (which turned out to be only slightly less ridiculous than it sounds), as you can see here. I had a lot of fun, got a few laughs, and met some cool people.

I placed fourth after a comedian, a fellow martial artists (he did flips, I can’t compete with that), and a guy who sang a song about coppin’ a feel (which was actually pretty harmless and funny).

Afterward, I got invited to be a guest on a radio show on comics (which I’ll post when it’s up). Then I was invited to blog for They’ve asked for one blog per week, and I’m a little freaked. I’m not sure I have that much to say on the topic of comics without any kind of prompt. We’ll see how it goes. I’m nervous! I’m hoping I can get through this with a healthy dose of pluck.