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A guide to online comics

I realized I’ve been referencing a lot of online comics to friends recently, and it’s super awkward.  “In this one online comic I read, there’s a character who’s a troll with really terrible gas, and he’s hilarious, but anyway…”  Not what I could call a quality, two-sided conversation.

Flow chart to the rescue!  This is the last week of my first semester in my online Master’s degree program.  I made this during class.  In fact, class is still going on as I type this.  I still have a 10-page paper to do for this class, so I don’t feel too bad about making time to do something fun.

i made this


goodness, humor, nerd

For Pony!!!

I just want to take a moment to express my appreciation for online comics. I’ve recently burned through years and years of backlogged comics like PvP in a matter of days. Here’s my favorites list:

PvP Online (my first love)
Looking for Group (Hilarious WoW-based characters on an epic quest)
Girls with Slingshots (it’s ok to be horny and female)
Chainsawsuit (Non-sequitur central)
Gunshow (totally dismally hilarious)
Thinkin’ Lincoln (intellectual, but not too high-brow)
Dinosaur Comics (uses the same illustrations for every frame, and it still works)

Penny Arcade doesn’t make the list because the majority of their humor is based on very specific gamer experiences, most of which I don’t share with the writers. I love Lookouts and Automata, and Twisp and Catsby are cute, but everything else is pretty much over my head. And I can’t stand people who idolize the writers (aka, my ex; get over it, they’re just some dudes who like games). The same goes for xkcd. I’m not in the math nerd circle, so I don’t understand a good amount of the material, and the stuff I do get isn’t very funny. So if you’re reading this blog, don’t tell me how awesome xkcd is. It’s not.
Regardless, the comics on my list are great.

This is part of why I love online comics so much. You can get to know the creators, and every strip starts to feel like an inside joke with a long-distance friend you met that one summer at camp. This particular post made me cry, but you get the idea.