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I love you, Hellboy

I’m such a huge fan of Hellboy. From the first time I saw the art, I was completely hooked. Mike Mignola’s style is so distinctive, so grounded, so deceptively simple; there’s always something new to discover from each frame. Hellboy is so damaged, so doomed, and so funny. He kinda reminds me of my uncles. I wish he was my uncle.
I found this desktop art on the Dark Horse website. I like to imagine he’s thinking about some task he’s not looking forward to much. It’s classic Hellboy; he’s all fucked up, there’s some ancient history in the background, and we never really get the full story of the evil he’s trying to stop before he kills it, because frankly, he’s tired of that shit, he’s heard it all and no matter what it’s about to say, he just doesn’t give a damn. He’s thinking, “Just die already, you bastard.”
I would love, and you can quote me on that, LOVE, to get the rest of the library editions of the Hellboy series. *sigh* Someday…


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