goodness, manfolk


I saw Inception, and loved it. Then I thought about it and found all kinds of holes and unexplained weirdness. It’s about dreams, so where’s the sex? Where’s the creativity? Where are the people speaking in tongues, turning into jelly, and eating themselves? Still, it’s the most fun I’ve had at a theater since How to Train Your Dragon (which was ADORABLE, btw). They’re both making it to my DVD shelf.

And then there’s this website that allows you to push a button, and play just one horn blast from the EPIC Inception soundtrack that kept me on the edge of my seat for a good 70 minutes, which hasn’t happened since Jurassic Park. Thank you, interwebz.

And when the fuck did Joseph Gordon-Levitt grow up into such a fine lookin’ gentleman? I mean, I’ve had a mild schoolgirl crush on him since Brick, but a three-piece suit? I think my eyes got paper cuts watching his scenes in Inception. Get it? Cuz he’s so SHARP.

Azula knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout.


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