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The runaround

Innocent bystanders at my office job are unwittingly turning me in circles, and it’s starting to make me dizzy.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone who can tell me who is in charge of reserving a plaza for a reception before a theater production.  I’ve been sent in a hilarious series of circles, and I’m close to losing my patience, so I’m letting off steam by posting the process.

it's a crazy machine; your voice goes in, the crazy comes out

-Email scheduling office, no response.

-Call scheduling, leave message, no response.

-Call scheduling back, told to contact athletics, maybe they’ll know what to do.

-Get athletics email contact from Nice Scheduling Lady I’ve worked with before.

-Email recommended athletics contact.  He recommends I contact the scheduling office.  Ugh.

-Search for the plaza on university main page.  Notice it was advertised for a reception for a previous theater production.  How did they do that?

-Email Nice Theater Lady re: previous use of plaza for theater reception.  She recommends I contact the scheduling office, and gives me their general office email.  Thanks, Nice Theater Lady.

It’s taking all my self-control not to walk over to the plaza and yell “WHO THE FUCK IS IN CHARGE OF THIS LOCATION?!”  Just about everyone I’ve interacted with has been nice, but ignorant of anything relating to that damn plaza.  Should we just show up that day and hope no one’s there?  Odds are it’ll be empty, but I wants it for mine ownsssss, the preciousssss.

UPDATE: 10:18am, April 1

Turns out it IS the athletics department that’s in charge of the plaza.  Thanks, random guy from athletics who told me otherwise.  Thanks.

I just called to confirm with them, like a responsible adult would.  The first lady I spoke with said, “We don’t reserve that space.”  I said, “But I already reserved it with you.”  When?  “Over a month ago.”  Who did you talk to?  I give her the name (let’s call her Romilda, and thank god I made note of her name).  I’m put on hold for five mins until a woman answers, “Hello?”  I say, “Hi there.”  Silence.

Her: Hello?
Me: Hi… Did she not tell you why I was calling?
Her: What?  This is Romilda, can I help you with something?
Me: Ok, I’m calling to confirm my reservation at the Plaza.
Her: Ohhhhhh-kaaaaaay… hmmm, that isn’t here… Who did you speak with?
Me: I spoke with you.
Her: OH.  Uh, ok.  Did I get back to you?
Me: We spoke over the phone.
Her: Ohhhhhhh, ok.  I must have not put it in here…  What is the event?

I give her all the information she asked me for the first time, hoping she’s actually writing it down instead of whatever she was doing last time for CHRISSAKE.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a heartless, unforgiving bitch.  People make mistakes.  I make mistakes.  It happens.  It just seems to be happening a lot with this one event.  Scheduling thought I was hosting this event in another location, and demanded a ton of paperwork under threat of canceling my event.  I stayed late and filled it all out in a flurry, sending various copies to five different departments before someone from scheduling asked for a form I had already submitted, and randomly said, “Sorry I didn’t see this the first time, it has a different location on it.”  I said, WHAT?  Hence, all the paperwork I filled out was useless.  Awesome.  Thanks, team.  Way to go.


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