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When nerds collide

Remember when I got asked to blog for a website about comics?  Turns out they didn’t exactly, how do you say… have their shit together.  I would submit a blog, and weeks later, it still wouldn’t be on the website.  This happened a few times before I stopped submitting ideas.  I gave them a blog after they sent me to ComiCon; it’s still not up, and I’ve given up on expecting anything of mine to ever go on their website again.  So sad.  I was really excited about that, and the people were cool.  In fact, they were extremely warm and seemed almost as excited as I was to join the team.  It’s too bad it didn’t work out.  But I lived the dream, for a short time.  And I’m happy about that.

I was also on one of their radio shows.  I don’t come across as too noobish, and I’m happy about that.  All they really do is ask me about the KickAss [comic] contest, and martial arts in general.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the result.  I’m only in the first fifteen minutes of the cast, which is perfect.  I don’t think I could stand hearing more of myself than that at a time.  I had only been awake for about twenty minutes at the time, so I sound a little husky (Lauren Bacall, woot!).

hey look, it's me and Diminutive Roommate

I just found the email I sent to my friends announcing the publication of my first blog.  *sigh*  Memories.  I was so fucking excited.  Everyone was so supportive.  And that post was pretty good!  So I’ve decided to publish the blogs that were (and were not) published on the comics website here.  Get ready for a quick injection of a whole lotta nerd-speak.


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