New glasses!

They’re ready!  My new glasses are ready to pick up at the optometrist!  But I can’t make it because I’m covering for a sensei friend!  Craaaaaaaaaaaaap!

a little hipster

They’re not my usual thin-rimmed specs.  I figure I already have a set of those, why not push myself out of my comfort zone a little?  And if I end up looking like a hipster, that’ll be hilarious, so why not?  The frames are Salt. brand.  I didn’t know they were Japanese when I picked them out.  I’m such an egg.

UPDATE: March 15, 12:19pm

They’re super cool.  Boyfriend calls them my “sexy glasses.”  I really like them.  So glad I branched out.  And they’re made of acetate, which is the same stuff vinyl records are made of nowadays.  When I told Dad about the acetate, he responded with, “Hm.  Highly flammable.”  THANKS DAD.


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