goodness, life

Mushy heart-shaped mush

what a fucking mess

Boyfriend is never far from my thoughts these days.  He pops into my head at random parts of the day.  I was wondering why I’m so hungry today after finishing lunch, and suddenly I’m thinking about how much I love him.  This has been happening a lot recently.

We’ve chatted a few times about how happy we are together, and how we hope to stay together forever.  At first he thought I was talking about getting married soon, like this year.  I’m not trying to get married right now, and as soon as I said so, we were  on the same page again.  As long as we’re happy, we’ll be together.

All the same, I’m trying to hold back from telling him too much about how often he sporatically pops into my thoughts (I mentioned it to him last night, and he seemed pleased).  Still, I don’t want to freak him out by being all, “OMG UR MY WIDDLE POOPOO, I WUV U THIIIIIIIIISH MUUUUUCH” all the time.

Not that I would.  Just sayin’.


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