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The Hobbit cometh

above: MAGIC

I just finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Aside from being totally epic, I was surprised that the writing was so palatable.  From what I was told, I thought it would be pages and pages of detailed elf lineage, and chapters full of unnecessary descriptions of the beauty of ladies in tall cities and the grand histories of long-dead kings.  What I found was a thoroughly engulfing universe I found my self longing to be a part of.  The writing is, frankly, poetic at times.  It’s easy to understand why people read these tomes over and over.  There’s so much to experience.

Of course, reading the trilogy got me all nostalgic for The Hobbit, which I read a couple of times growing up.  It has a shape-shifting druid in it!  And a dragon and trolls and treasure!  I was hooked.  I’d never read anything like it.  It took its time and then suddenly thrust you in the middle of something fantastic!  I lost the copy I had growing up, but eBay to the rescue!  I bought it from a nice lady in Aurora, Illinois for $4.  It just arrived at Office Job.  So excited 🙂

I hear there’s a movie or some such coming out… later.  If it’s done similarly to the LoTR, it should be good, but I really don’t give two shits about a movie when I can have the original experience of my childhood.  BOOKS, people.  BOOKS.


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