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Sarah Michelle Gellar is secretly ancient Maya royalty

I took an Art History class on the ancient Maya in college, and fell in love.  What an amazing culture.  They built pyramid temples so steep that tourists have been known to die from the fall… recently.  Their writing style is so creative and artistic that the word for “art” and “script” are the same.  One glyph features a face with blood flowing in the place of a missing jaw (yikes!).  Their calendar is just like ours, only better because it has four days of rest at the end of every year.  They were a complex and highly civilized people who loved wearing heavy stone (jade) jewelry and flattening their foreheads just like the rest of us.  There are even small pockets of their descendants living in Mexico today.  Living relics!

So.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Sarah Michelle Gellar to be a member of their dwindling population.

above: indisputable proof

WTF, Buffy?!  Can’t trust your fans with your AMAZINGLY BRUTAL HERITAGE?  Where is the trust?  *sigh*


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