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Be strong, Sensei

I teach a kid who just could not give less of a shit about what he’s learning.  He’s been taking class at the dojo for a couple years at least, and he has a horrible attitude.  He doesn’t want to try, doesn’t care if his form is terrible, and laughs at the other kids when they make mistakes (which I nail him for every time, and he still does it, that little shit).  He’s a bad student because he doesn’t want to be there no matter what we do.  It doesn’t help that his mother doesn’t demand respect from him, obviously has plastic surgery, and has a new color highlight in her hair every time she comes in.  Whatever they’re doing with him at home, they’re doing it wrong.


Did I mention he looks just like David Dastmalchian?  Yeah.  He does.  And it’s fucking creepy.  Y’know those people who have weird faces that make you wonder, “What did that person look like as a child?  Were they cute?”  Answer: absolutely not.  This kid (let’s call him Mini-David) is, in fact, creepier than the guy who was chosen to play a role in a major movie because his facial structure tells us he’s crazy enough to be one of the Joker’s henchmen before he says a word.  Given my experience with Mini-David and his complete lack of respect for authority, I feel I can honestly say that he belongs in the army, or Arkham Asylum.  I’m just waiting for the day when his mom approaches me and tells me about how he drowned his pet cat over the weekend, and, “Could you talk to him about that?”  Or something equally horrifying.  Mark my words: he’s learning bad behavior from someone (I’m gonna say his dad and/or older siblings), and he will be a violent person.  GOOD THING HE’S LEARNING KARATE, AMIRITE?

Creepy kids are the worst because they impossibly carry within themselves the darkness of a lifetime, the look of someone who has served in several wars, the kind of eyes that look at you and say, “I’ve done some terrible things in my day.”  But they’re six.  Yikes.


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