goodness, nerd

Nerd gifts!


If you don’t know what to get your nerd girlfriend this year (ahem), remember that women do occasionally wear jewelry, and Legos never go out of style.  Hence, Lego ring from Giant Robot!

If you’re really hard-pressed for gift ideas for your favorite nerd, check out This Is Why I’m Broke.  It has everything your little geek heart could ever want, including:

looks a little... sharp

A Space Invaders couch!  Every nerd has played Space Invaders, but since it came out in 1978, no one my age would think of this game as their first love.  Still, it’s a classic.

swish and flick

A wand remote control!  For all your Harry Potter fanatics, this wand remote looks like it would get really tiring really fast.  But who doesn’t want one of these?  I mean… I think I want one.

"kill me."

A hoodie for your cat!  My last boyfriend (Nebraska McBaldy Fat) was exactly what he sounds like: a balding, overweight, pasty-white middle-America, computer-worshiping nerd in every sense of the word.  So of course he got two cats, both of which SUCK, and should be punished by stuffing them into hilarious little outfits.

light bike!

A fully functional Tron light bike!  This puppy has a Suzuki 996cc engine, and is street legal, so it’s not just a $55,000 souvenir.  It’s also the best way to distract your fellow drivers and cause an accident.

pretty horrifying

The creepiest body pillow ever!  As if snuggling a person-sized pillow wasn’t weird enough, some lonely nerd decided said pillow should snuggle you back.  Yikes.




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