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Art, or stupid?

It’s time for the age-old question: Is it art, or a huge waste of time?

Some spiders can make silk.  Beautiful, naturally golden-yellow silk, which can be harvested, then woven into clothing that will never be worn, due to their rarity.  Eighty people worked for seven years to collect enough raw silk material from these amazing (and totally spooky-looking) spiders to create this beautiful/pointless scarf.


I love art.  I love that as soon as humans mastered their own survival and realized they had free time on their hands, they started to create for the sake of creating.  Creativity, the search for beauty, is what distinguishes us from most of the animal kingdom, the ultimate display of social maturity within a species.  And yet… what if every artist was working on finding alternate sources energy instead?  What a productive, drab little world we would live in.  I have to conclude that (most) art is worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Art, or stupid?

  1. I agree…most art is worthwhile…at least to the person who created it. It’s a wonderful way to escape and relax…take a break from the world. 🙂 So it’s healthy and pretty. 🙂

  2. There is something to be said for the therapeutic value in the act of creating art. I hadn’t thought of that; this piece in particular just seemed so labor intensive. But the satisfaction the people involved in this project will feel for a long time is tough to quantify. You’re right though: taking pride in your hard work is a healthy feeling 🙂

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