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This was a terrible plan


Boyfriend is leaving for a job in London tomorrow 😦  He’ll be gone for about ten days, and we’ve been meaning to see The Woman in Black, so we decided to cram it in before he left.

What a terrible idea.

I read the book recently, and it’s a good old-fashioned ghost story.  The movie is… similar, but more of a Hollywood-style, evil-thing-jumps-out-of-a-dark-corner, heart-stopping, crap-your-pants type of scary (in that order).  The short version is: I was not prepared for the level of scary this movie had in store for me, and now Boyfriend is LEAVING ME ALL ALONE HOW COULD HE.

Having said that, if they were going to make it that scary, it had to end the way it did, with some good fortune (if you can call it that) for this poor man.  But right after that, the very last shot, a close-up of the woman, and then she looks at you and AAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!  So fucking scary!

I was curled up against boyfriend, cutting of circulation to his left arm the whole movie.  A couple of times, when the woman got really mad, I had to close my eyes.  Once, I turned to Boyfriend and declared, “Ok, all done now, I want to go home.”  He laughed and shushed me; I was only half kidding.

It’s not that I’m so easily frightened; it’s the combination of the empirical scariness of the movie, combined with how totally unprepared I apparently was, and what an unwelcome surprise my lack of preparedness was.  Here’s the breakdown I made.


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