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Supernaturally hooked

So *sigh* I’m definitely kinda super hooked on Supernatural.  It is my new X-Files: ridiculous in premise, and demanding of a good amount of willing suspension of disbelief, but it’s got its hooks in me, and it doesn’t hurt that the protagonists are both straight males (which rules out the chance of every episode being injected with a will-they-won’t-they love story that derails the whole plot, thank the FSM).  Plus they’re fun to look at, so that helps.

There are a good number of genuinely funny moments, and there are no topics the characters won’t address.  If something should be bothering them, they bring it up and have an actual, believable conversation about it.  The series’ formulaic nature is well-hidden behind solid dialog, believable effects, genuine brotherly love and pretty faces.

Plus, every sign points to the actors not being dicks, which is always good.

yes plz

yes plz

UPDATE: April 17, 2013
And now I’m spending too much time watching random gifs from the show on a tumblr site dedicated to random gifs from the show.


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