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Hawai’i: Day four



Boyfriend and I made eggs and toast with honey this morning (plus cereal with a banana for me) before heading to the beach to swim around and meet up with Nancy and Bella.  The water was gorgeous, not as choppy as the previous days.  But I got stung by a man-o-war!  I even saw the one that did it, the bastard.  It hurt like hell, but I didn’t get out of the water or even bitch that much (I’m so brave).

After we showered and changed, we went on a day-trip to Haleiwa on the north-western end of the island with uncle Bobby.  He was amazed at the number and strength of the waterfalls all over the mountain range we passed through.  We decided it must be raining really hard at the top of the mountains, passed through a long tunnel, and came out the other side to be met with a torrential downpour.  We almost drove with the top down, and would have if not for all the sun I’ve already gotten.  That would have been great, driving in all that rain.

the Ko'olau mountain range with loads of waterfalls

the Ko’olau mountain range with loads of waterfalls

matsumotoWe went to a cafe in Haleiwa, then got shave ice at Matsumoto’s.  We stood around the parking lot outside the shop staring at chickens while Boyfriend and I split a shave ice with lilikoi and strawberry flavors (with ice cream and azuki beans) while Bobby devoured his (papaya, mango, pineapple flavors with ice cream) at breakneck speed.  Apparently he has a serious sweet tooth.

one of the several hibiscus near the cottage

one of the several hibiscus near the cottage

The drive there and back was long, but we had a fun time.  I harassed him to wear his seat belt by tapping his face with a hat until he put it on.  I told him about how, when he was growing up, some girl told his friend’s younger brother Ray Fox that he had pretty eyes.  Ray didn’t like that much, so he took a swing at her face, which was a big mistake since this girl was amazing, and ducked in time to avoid the punch.  Ray hit the wall behind her instead and broke his wrist.  We had a good laugh about that today.

I went on a walk with Nancy and Bella when we got back, then watched an episode of The Protectors, a Danish cop drama she’s hooked on right now.  Boyfriend and I used some of the special salt we got at the farmer’s market earlier on some ground beef, and I grilled up some burgers for dinner (they were delicious).  Nancy made a rice and bean salad and corn.  We had some red wine to go with it, what a feast.


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