Tokyo: Day 3


On our last day in Tokyo, we headed out around 10am and left Yokohama on the Shinkansen, for which we finally paid for the pleasure of a ride to Tokyo station. A short subway ride brought us to the sword museum, which consisted of a very small display of mostly late Edo-era blades, all of which were beautiful, and surprisingly smooth and detailed. I was fascinating and somewhat thrilling to see the various grains of each blade close-up. Each piece of the swords was laid out, and the artistry was heart-breakingly obvious. I fell in love with one suba that had an antler and a bat featured on it.

We headed back to another station and ate at the restaurants there: Ryann grabbed a sandwich and joined me at a curry spot just two doors down. We both craved ice cream afterward, and found a mango bar for Ryann and a matcha cookie bar for me, which I shared with a man outside the convini (when he offered water from his bicycle basket in return, we politely declined). We chatted for a bit, and continued our sojourn to an anime museum run by the company that produced Cowboy Bebop, Shin Chan, and Full Metal Alchemist just to name a few, but I was disappointed to find none of these very well-known anime at all prominently featured inside. Regardless, we stenciled and watched some Shin Chan in Japanese, and headed across the street to appreciate another shrine which was beautiful, and totally empty.  Ryann fled from a bee, which I thought was hilarious until I saw the size of bees here.



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