I encounter goodness and have nowhere but my Facebook page (ugh) to post it.  As a result, it gets lost and forgotten pretty quickly, so I’ve started a new list of goodness here.  I’ve already mentioned a bunch of these in various posts, so I apologize beforehand for any past (and future) redundancies.  I’m always open to suggestions, so if you find something that should be on the list, let me know.  This is a work in progress.


I can only assume hes looking in a mirror, horrified by his own cuteness

Beastlies– Little clay, imaginary animals ready to be adopted.  Adorable.
Maru– Certainly the most documented, and potentially the cutest cat in the world, Maru lives with his owner in Japan.  His many exploits include attacking a plastic dragonfly, jumping into boxes, and pretending unconvincingly to be unafraid of crows.

dis is baman

Baman Piderman– Our superheroes of legend, Batman and Spiderman, have apparently been fattening up and getting stupid while their animators get drunk and slap together some hilariously harmless, floppy videos.
Dick Figures– Two stick figures, Red and Blue, are terrible role models.  Thank god there are no children watching.
Zero Punctuation– Yatzee breaks the land speed record for opinionated jerks in the southern hemisphere with his non-stop critique of videogames.  Super fun, even if you’re not a gamer.
Kingdom of Loathing– A turn-based online game you can play (or not) whenever you like!  Totally intentionally ridiculous.  Safe for work!  [OH SHIT MY CHARACTER’S STILL ACTIVE!!  I haven’t played in a couple years, this game is the best yaaaaay!]
365q– Inspiration.
ShhDontTellSteve– Some guy hated his roommate so much, he started tweeting about it.  Hilarity ensues.
The Man’s Guide to Love– Everyday guys give quick, frank thoughts about life, love, and the importance of companionship.
Goats on Stuff– It’s a simple, elegant, indelible truth: Goats love climbing to the top of things, and standing on them.
Uniqlo– Every five seconds, a short dance in Japan.
Fuck you, Penguin– Some guy talks shit about animals.  Animals are entertaining, and so is this.
Improv Everywhere– The original flashmob organizers, these guys gather complete strangers to participate in random, often hilarious, harmless shenanigans.


The Abominable Charles Christopher

PvP Online– The exploits of an office of gaming magazine workers.  Hilarious, and not too seeped in nerd culture to be elitist.
Sheldon– A little boy who lives with his grandfather and a talking duck.  Totally harmless, and very cute.

Hark, a Vagrant

Hark, a Vagrant– A Canadian woman writes hilarious comics about all the history she learned in school.  Often surprising, always fun.


Looking For Group– Characters from World of Warcraft encounter sand dragons, enchanted weapons, and hilarious death scenes in a comic you don’t need to have played WoW to understand and enjoy.
Girls with Slingshots– A group of 20-somethings try to get laid, get drunk, and land a job in a crap economy.  Talking cactus a plus.
The Abominable Charles Christopher– An innocent sasquatch learns his way around the forest.  Beautiful artwork.
Chainsawsuit– Totally random and weird.  Enter with no expectations of any kind.
Doctor Cat– A cat who is a doctor.  It’s not complicated, but be warned: it is adorable. ANIME TV series

you will fall in love with the dog (Cowboy Bebop)

Ghost in the Shell– In a world where people can upload their consciousness into a completely cyborg body, the secret police force Section 9 has the coolest technology, and the most dangerous assignments.  Lots of action and some philosophy about what it means to be human.  Very sci-fi, super cool.
Mushi-shi– Ginko, a man with the special ability to see hidden spirits, uses his gift (curse?) to help those negatively affected by these often beautiful, potentially dangerous bits of light.  A tranquil, beautiful series. Cowboy Bebop- A small group of bounty hunters work together (poorly) to catch their quarry.  Somehow, they always end up broke.  Often funny with loads of great fight and chase scenes.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood– Two young boys attempt to discover the secret to regain their bodies when one of their alchemic experiments (a mixture of magic and science) goes wrong. [There are two versions of this series: Fullmetal Alchemist, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  I recommend Brotherhood because it follows the manga more closely, and has more comic relief.  The original series doesn’t pull any punches; it’s a real tear-jerker.]
Metalocalypse– American animation for adults.  Follows the ridiculous exploits of death metal band Dethklok.  Hilarity ensues.  Not for those with a weak stomach.


Paprika– A company develops a device to enter and record dreams to aid their patients.  But when one of the devices goes missing, and the culprit begins terrorizing the dreamworld, it’s up to Paprika to use her imagination and creativity to save the day.  Amazing music, and frankly, I’ve never encountered a movie (animated or otherwise) that can be so freaky, creative and fun to think about afterward.  If you’ve never watched anime, start with something from Studio Ghibli first (see below) before watching Paprika.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time– A young girl learns she can travel through short bursts into the recent past at will, and soon realizes the consequences could be far more dire (and awkward) than she anticipated.
Summer Wars– When a vicious AI is set loose on an online world, it’s up to young math wizard Kenji to figure out a way to stop it (with the help of a huge, hilarious, semi-adoptive family, of course).

Princess Mononoke

Hayao Miyazaki– The Japanese Spielberg of anime.  He gets his own section in this category because his Studio Ghibli produced some of the most loved anime movies of the past thirty-plus years, including:
Spirited Away– A young girl gets caught up in the spirit world and  must find her own way home with some help from a cursed dragon, a witch running a bath house, and a mysterious spirit with no name.
Howl’s Moving Castle– When a young woman is cursed by a notorious witch, she seeks out a powerful wizard and gets thrown into his adventures.
Princess Mononoke– When a giant beast attacks a small village, a young man embarks on a journey to discover the origin of the animal’s rage.
My Neighbor Totoro– While their ailing mother recovers, her children meet a spirit in the form of a giant cat who offers his friendship in their time of need.


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