Educational comb

During our last inspection, Dad and I noticed a ton of capped (and uncapped) brood, but the caps were different colors.  I drew this little diagram (MS Paint, bitches!) but waited to post it until we could verify the info as correct.

this is from a few weeks ago.  it was a very educational inspection

this is from a few weeks ago. it was a very educational inspection

The past couple of days, Dad has seen groups of bees hovering around the entrance and flying around the hive, seemingly at random.  His guess is that they’re new foragers doing an orientation flight, and I think he’s right.  They haven’t swarmed, and have built a completely new strip of comb.  They were coming back with giant, white-ish pollen baskets, so they all seem to be foraging in the same area, and are clearly happy staying at the hive if they’re bringing back so much food.  All awesome!

goodness, humor

Bicycle collision and quality time

I went bicycling with dad last month during the winter break.  It was pretty cold, and it had rained the night before.  We biked along the LA river, found a wild bee hive under a walking bridge, and eventually ended up at Tinkertown, a little area near Griffith Park where you can get your train fix if you happen to love trains (or even if you don’t–it’s free and super cool).  But before that, just as we were coasting down the ramp to get to the LA river bike path, dad came to a sudden stop, and started gliding back and forth across the path so he could stay upright without unclipping his fancy clip-in shoes.  My bike doesn’t have the shiny disk breaks (I think) his does, so naturally I slammed right into him, and took his bike right out from underneath him.  I landed on my left side and slapped the ground with my left hand and forearm at the same time (Hap Ki Do training ftw!), and dad landed on top of me.  He ended up with a small bruise on his hand, and I ended up all kinds of colors in plenty of fun places (see below).
Still, it was a fun, beautiful ride.  I couldn’t believe how many trees and random foliage is allowed to grow right in the middle of the river.  It’s pretty amazing, and surprisingly beautiful.  And it’s always fun to spend time with dad.