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Age and itchy powder

worst prank ever

Remember this stuff?!  Itchy powder was such a huge part of my childhood.  I vividly remember watching my elementary school companions put this stuff down the back of each other’s shirts.  It dropped from the trees around the playground which had exactly zero grass, so this was as close to playing in nature as we got.  I saw some at a Home Depot with Dad yesterday, and had to stop to take a photo.

I’m working with Dad on fixing up a small apartment we rent out in Silverlake.  Some long-time tenants just moved out, so we’re taking this chance to improve on the place.  New tile on the kitchen, dining room and bathroom floors, new counters, new cabinets, new sink, new paint, etc.  It’ll be an undertaking, but I don’t have many opportunities like this left.  Dad turned 60 this year, and the days when he does his own construction and carpentry and general handy-stuff are limited.  That’s a big motivator for me.  It makes me kinda cry just thinking about it.

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Good traffic

Today was supposed to be day two of Carmageddon, the weekend when the 405 closed from the 10 to the 101 for construction.  Traffic was supposed to be ridiculous, but it was… not.

I did my second freelance job in Palos Verdes today, so I was worried that I’d have to bike 15 miles down there and be all tired and gross when it came time to teach the class.  It sounds like I’m going to book another one, too.  I’m not making huge money, but getting paid five-to-ten times more per hour than I usually do is pretty sweet.


On the drive home I saw this really nice message on a freeway sign: