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Beautiful comb

Dad and I checked out the hive yesterday to see if the queen was still there since half the colony seems to have absconded.  We found her!  He pulled out three bars with comb on them before we found her.  The comb looked gorgeous.  The honey glowed, and there were a few spots where you could see actual larvae.  Very exciting.

Technically it’s illegal to keep bees in Los Angeles, but who’s going to stop us?  Seriously:

“You can’t keep bees here, that’s illegal.”
“Oh ok, go ahead and move them then.”
“Right.  We done here?”

clean empty comb around the border, baby bees at the bottom, honey at the top.  so pretty.

clean empty comb around the border, pollen storage at the bottom, honey at the top (some of which is capped at the very top). so pretty.

We also biked up and down Venice for the CicLAvia event which was way too crowded, but otherwise fun.  My butt is sore and the back of my left leg hurts.  Blerg.

UPDATE: April 23, 2013
There’s the queen at the top left!  She’s long and brown with no stripes.




Z is for Zawesome

who doesn't want to ride a poison dart frog?

I miss going to the Zoo.  I understand that most of the animals were rescued from death in the wild, or are endangered so they need humans to make sure they don’t get wiped out by other humans, but as a kid I couldn’t give two shits about where the animals came from.  They were incredible, magical even, and they were almost in petting range.

Apparently it’s time for another visit to the LA Zoo next month, because at the end of this month a super cool carousel is being installed.  Instead of frilly, stupid looking horses, it has endangered animals, including a tapir, honey bee, dung beetle, and a panda.  What a great idea!  It also has a praying mantis, which, frankly, yikes, no thank you, but A+ for creativity.