Everybody freak out, the GMOs are coming!

Everyone’s freaking out about GMOs like

and I’m just like

I keep asking for peer-reviewed, scientific evidence to support the fearful outcry for labeling GMOs, and I keep getting stuff like this:
-“Explains why teens are hitting puberty earlier, and other public health related issues. You have the right to know what’s in your food. I don’t like secrets….”
-“Why not use a precautionary approach. We know that women can drink some alcohol when they’re pregnant, but we urge women to avoid alcohol during pregnancy b/c we don’t have conclusive evidence about how much is ok.”
-“Why wouldn’t you want to know if the oranges you’re eating have been spliced with frog genes?”

Science, people.  SCIENCE.  Science to create, science to check what you just created, science to improve it.  I asked for science, they gave me “but why not?  I have the RIGHT TO KNOW.”  Oh yeah?  Know what, exactly?  That corporations shouldn’t be held responsible for your unfounded fears about a food process that could help end world hunger, but you’re gonna hold them back because you think there might be something yucky about it?  No, I don’t think you have that right.  Do some research, read some peer-reviewed science papers, then get back to me.

Anyway, needless to say, I’ve probably lost some friends on Facebook.