badness, goodness

America is not impressed

If Obama hadn’t won, we wouldn’t have this picture.  Isn’t that reason enough?

you voted romney? hmmm. that’s too bad.

I’m kidding.  Gay rights, people, amirite?

I’m still jazzed about Obama winning a second term in office.  Maybe the right word is relieved.  I’m very relieved that Obama won over the latest Republican maniac, Romney.  What a loon.  I was frightened to think what Romney might take away from women in this country.  My right to have an abortion (a terrible last resort, but a necessary option that shouldn’t be decided upon by men), having birth control covered by health insurance (do they want us to have unwanted children?), funding for Planned Parenthood (cancer screenings and sex education for all?  Yes please).  As a woman, I worried.

As a straight white person, I worried for my friends, for people I’ve never met.  I thought to myself the other day, “I don’t have that many gay friends…”  Then I started counting them.  Oh yeah, that person.  Oh yeah, I forgot about her, and her too.  Oh yeah, I have a ton of them, and I love them all.  Let’s not even get started on immigration.  The vitriol Romney could barely conceal when he talked about “illegals” was scary.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re here illegally, shame on you, pay some taxes already.  But you can’t tell people desperate to escape a violent country to have a better chance for their kids that they should just fuck off, cus too bad you weren’t lucky enough to be born here, so GTFO.  As a straight white citizen, I worried.

There was a lot on the line this November.  I’m relieved America made the smart choice.  We were unimpressed, and in the end, disapproving of any other candidate (see above photo).

touched by his noodly appendage

Here’s what I can’t figure out: Why is the Republican party walking backwards?  What are they so afraid of?  In particular, why all the misinformation about rape?  Don’t they have wives, daughters, sisters?  Haven’t they thought about what kinds of options they would want the women in their lives to have if something awful like rape happened to one of them?  I have to conclude that they must keep the concept of rape in a hypothetical, airtight box which is what makes it so easy for them to take a purely hypothetical stance on abortion that demands that even a woman who is raped take the pregnancy to term.  It’s insane.  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Thank FSM that Obama won the election. Where would we be without him?  I loathe to imagine a Romney/Ryan America.  Scares the shit outta me.