goodness, manfolk

Zombie cat has risen

Remember that kitten I rescued off the street?  The one that was bleeding and motionless on the asphalt?  The one who, when I brought him home from the vet, seemed to have seizures?  The one that could barely eat and slept all the time?  The one who I thought might have brain swelling and die at any moment?

who, me?

Well he’s just fine.


In fact, there’s no shutting him up, lol.  He walks around and chases after our feet, wolfs down food at an alarming rate, makes a huge mess of the bathroom where we’re keeping him, and meows constantly.  The only times he’s quiet is when he’s eating or sleeping (usually behind the refrigerator where it’s warm).  He seems particularly fond of the TV, and stood staring at a United States Olympic gymnast (now a gold-medal winner) for a solid 30 seconds last night.  He has just started looking up at things, and has a hilarious little trot.  He has yet to master turning left (poor lil’ Zoolander), which might be due to the damage in his right ear and eye (I think the blood on his face when I found him came out of his ear, since it wasn’t coming out of his mouth).

He’s very friendly and playful, loves being pet and being around people, and doesn’t seem to have any issues.  Plus, he’s adorable.  We’re looking for a home for him, but in the meantime, we’re enjoying watching him be a weirdo and holding him until he falls asleep purring and pawing at the air while we watch TV.  I’ve named him Zobo for his zombie-like ability to come back from the (seeming) dead.