Ukulele songbook

I teach a brother and sister at Karate Job; the older brother is one of my special needs students, and his younger sister is quiet and fierce.  Their grandparents moved to Southern California to be close to their grand-kids.  We got to talking one day, and it came out that they are from a  neighborhood close-by to where my dad grew up in Hawai’i.  We chat every time they come in.  Once I brought my ukulele in to practice before class, and the grandfather mentioned that he teaches Hawai’ian guitar, and is looking for students.  Then he took my ukulele and played a little tune.  He said he’d bring me a songbook, and he did.

It’s from the 1950’s, so it’s pretty beat-up and racist in some places, but the songs look simple so I thought I’d share.

Hawaiian War Chant

Honolulu Eyes

Lovely Hula Hands

Hula Rock-a-bye

My Sweetheart

When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop

The Old Plantation

Little Grass Shack

A Song of Old Hawaii

Hula Lullaby

Native Guitars

Drowsy Waters

King Kamehameha

On the Beach at Waikiki

Pagan Love Song

Dreamy Kalua

I Wonder Where My Hula Girl Has Gone

Across the Sea

Honolulu Moon

I've Found a Little Grass Skirt

For You a Lei

An Old Hawaiian Custom

Aloha Oe

I Want to Learn to Speak Hawaiian

Malihini Mele

My Waikiki Ukulele Girl

Naughty Hula Eyes

Coral Sea

The Beauty Hala

Maori Brown Eyes

Pretty Red Hibiscus

One, Two, Three, Four


6 thoughts on “Ukulele songbook

  1. Alan says:

    This is very special. I belong to an ukulele club that plays and sings only Hawaiian music. About half the club are Hawaiians so I get a chance to play along with 50 – 60 others as they dance the hula and have a really good time every week. I have copied this off and I’m going to share it with them. I’ll bet that some of them have never heard some of these songs.

  2. I’ve been playing the ukulele for some time now, but have only recently begun playing some (touristy) Hawaiian songs. And I like old stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Pierfrancesco says:

    Wow! this is the greatest book ever! 😀 it’s sound a bit enthusiastic, but I’ve always loved those old tunes with that hawaiian vibe.

    Just a thing: the page 3 is there only as a thumbnail, there is no hi-resolution picture!

    could you add it, if you still have it?

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