But What to Wear…

It’s official: I’m going to ComiCon this year, possibly for three whole days, as a correspondent for a comic website. You’d think I’d be nervous about doing whatever it is a “correspondent” does. But foremost in my mind is what to wear. I HAVE to cosplay.

-At least a little sexy (hey, I’m young and I like my body, what do you want from me?)
-Can’t show too much skin (I’m not a slut)
-I can’t do anything too crazy with my hair (I have work on Monday)
-Comfortable shoes a must

So here’s what I’m thinking:
TophToph is the greatest cartoon character I’ve seen in a long, long time. And I have the same haircut and everything! But I don’t want to dress exactly like the cartoon, because that always looks ridiculous. A friend had the great idea of doing grown-up Toph, but I didn’t commit, so I couldn’t pull it off. Anyway, how would I make it clear who I was trying to dress as? Maybe pin an Earth Kingdom logo onto my jacket? Ugh, that’s so lame.
Catwoman– An obvious choice for the sex appeal, but I was thinking of doing Catwoman while she was still hooking. Problem: I don’t have hair that short anymore, and I’m not willing to cut it again. And going all-out with the cap will be trouble ($$).
Kay (from Akira)– We have the same haircut! I’ll have to go through the comics, but I get the feeling that finding her clothes would be an expensive pain in the ass. Still, I’m really into Akira right now (just found all but one of the comics to complete the 38 comic run), so I’d love to do something in connection with that. I could paint my old helmet to look like Tetsuo’s (wait, they don’t wear helmets, lol).

I want the costume to look awesome, but lack the desire to work hard to follow through. So it’ll probably be just another half-assed attempt at Toph this year. I could go all-out ridiculous, and do sexy Toph… yikes.


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