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Birthday plans

My birthday is tomorrow!

sissy cake

My big plans so far are:

-Sleep in

-Go out for breakfast, maybe to BLD (I hear they have amazing blueberry pancakes; it’s all I’ve been thinking about lately.  They’re $13)

-Feel good about vacuuming my room (that rug is a deeper shade of blue than I remember)

-Watch a ton of Buffy with Boyfriend and my buddy Big Toe

-Do some sketching

-Pick up the strawberry ice cream I left at my friends house last weekend

-Eat strawberry ice cream

-Get dinner at Barney’s Beanery on the Promenade because it’s close to the outdoor ice rink (plus they serve apple cider, and I am not going ice skating sober this year)

-Go ice skating with friends

-Probably watch some Day9 replays while eating more ice cream

-Get to bed before midnight so I can stop being sick for ten minutes this year

February 12, 3:44pm

UPDATE: So far so good!  Slept in until 10 (Boyfriend’s alarm woke us up, grrr), got blueberry pancakes (delicious, really more like giant crepes than pancakes), bought a couple comics at Meltdown, gonna do some sketching and watch some Buffy if I can do both at once 🙂

Kinda hungry, gonna eat some spicy tuna I bought at Mitsuwa yesterday.  I’m in such an awesome mood.  Birthdays are the best.

February 22, 4:23pm

totally worth the $13

UPDATE: Those blueberry pancakes from BLD were amazing.  The best part about them is how well they kept.  I just finished them off twenty minutes ago.  So good!  This year’s birthday was the best I can remember, and not just because I can’t really remember any of my other ones.  I was in an awesome mood from start to finish, even when Boyfriend had to go meet another DP at an open house (and the guy didn’t even show; he had to work).  It was such a great day.

disregard our facial expressions. we had an awesome time.

I went to Barney’s Beanery with some friends, were I got a complimentary “Birthday shot” that tasted like sweet lemons.  Then I had an Abita beer, and another shot of Tequila, followed by a tiny lava cake with candles!  I was mostly drunk while ice skating, where I encountered this guy in a onesie.  He and his lady friend were really nice, and just starting to learn how to do couples skating.  I woke up around 4am to throw up because of all the alcohol (although that amount of alcohol never would have made me puke before), but that technically wasn’t my birthday anymore!  So who cares!  Yay!

free cake!


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