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It’s mah burfdah!  Tonight I’m going to Korean BBQ with Dad, Sister, her boooooyfrieeeeeend, Boyfriend and Diminutive Roommate.  Friday is dojo friendship day: we’re going to Honda-ya Izakaya for birthday dinner and drinks.  I’m going to get destroyed.  Then I’m getting pancakes at BLD with Boyfriend on Saturday, then gelato with my old friend from elementary school whose older brother is an instructor at my dojo.  Very small world, very good people.  I cannot wait.

But god, all this awesome hangout time could not have come at a worse time, lol.  I have so much school work to do, it’s not even funny.  Gotta finish a paper, start and finish another (plus a third, shorter one before the end of the semester), plus my teaching video, all the follow-up documentation, commenting on other students’ videos, and one more forum post.  Plus, the last week of school might be filled with jury duty.  Yikes.

Wow.  Sister just sent me the best birthday email ever:

[My coworker’s] twins are sick. She told me yesterday how one of them got up in the middle of the night and threw up, and partially on his twin brother. Which made me laugh, which was probably inappropriate. Made me think of how good [tigerlilytoph] was at being sick, just lying there and staring at one spot.  

So here’s to [tigerlilytoph] the best sick kid there ever was, unless she needed to throw-up, in which case, she was the warning at all.
So true 🙂
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Highly inappropriate

there was also a stripper pole, fake money, and little spanking paddles

Teacher Roommate had a party yesterday to truly celebrate her birthday.  It was an Inappropriate Party, where everyone is supposed to show up wearing something offensive.  I thought about going in black face, but eventually decided on going naked.  Naturally, I didn’t have the stones (or the blood-alcohol level) to do that, so Diminutive Roommate and I got some nude unitards, colored on some askew nipples, threw on some thongs and fake pubes, and BAM!  We were ready for the party.

Unfortunately, we were not told that the rest of the females invited knew that “inappropriate” meant “excuse to dress whorishly.”  I have to say, I was disappointed.  I expected some creativity.  Instead we had no less than three “sexy school girls,” one “sexy Santa’s helper” (complete with lazy boyfriend in half-costume), one “sexy devil,” one dominatrix, etc.  So sad.  I expected more creativity, and less T&A.

Needless to say, Diminutive Roommate and I did everything we could to make people uncomfortable with our super gross fake pubic hair sticking out of the thongs we wore on the outside of our rather unflattering unitards.  I was pleased with our costumes; we got lots of laughs and had a fun time giving a lap dance to two prudish girls who showed up without costumes (apparently one was staunchly Christian, score!).

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Roommate burfdah!

Yesterday was Teacher Roommate’s birthday, the first we’ve celebrated since we started living together in September, so I went to some lengths to make it special.  For example, I made a cake.  I haven’t baked a cake in a decade, so this is some serious shit.  It was red velvet with cream cheese flavored icing, and fantastic striped candles.  Delicious.

Diminutive Roommate and I got her a gift certificate to her favorite sandwich place in the Marina, Mendocino Farms (which I call Fancypants Farms, due to the fancy sammiches they make).  They sell them in $10 increments, so we got five of them.  I wrote little limericks on the back of them to guide her on a scavenger hunt for the next one.  So fun!  She was zooming around the apartment figuring them out.  Here they are!


If this heart could beat,
it would only beat hot,
though in truth it’s been empty
more often than not.

Years ago, Teacher Roommate made a tea pot in the shape of an anatomically correct heart.  It’s a little horrifying, and totally awesome.  It sits on our window sill in the kitchen above the sink.

Churning and spinning
and then with a MEEP!
It acts as a cooler,
our lager to keep.

Our washer/dryer gives off the loudest, most arresting honk… it’s just awful.  We hadn’t yet sold our old washer/dryer by our housewarming, so instead of being embarrassed by it, we hung Xmas lights all over it, threw a trash bag into it, and used it as a cooler for the beer.  When people came in, we would say, “Hey, welcome!  Shoes go over there, beer is in the washing machine, snacks are in the kitchen.”  It was quite the hit.

Ring and book
and skull and spear!
Deliciously spooky,
the gift you find here…

Obviously this was a reference to Betrayal at House on the Hill, our favorite board game of all time.  If you haven’t played it, buy it and make some friends.  It’s the best.

"yes, we're lesbians"

Communist woman are a
hard-working bunch,
measuring food for our
dinner and lunch.

Teacher Roommate has these Russian nesting dolls that are actually white, plastic measuring cups.  They’re super cute; we keep them on a shelf above the stove.

A portal to worlds in the
stars and beyond;
technology belonging to
whom we are fond.

This was the hardest one for her; it was Diminutive Roommate’s laptop, which we have hooked up to the TV.  All we do is watch Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It’s fantastic.

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QR birthday

it's a secret code. it says... burfdah.

Today is Boyfriend’s birthday!  Apparently his parents didn’t make a big deal out of birthdays when he was growing up, so I take it upon myself every year to do something special for him.  Last year was a surprise party with Sprinkles cupcakes and about thirty people.  The year before… can’t remember, but I know I had a few things for him to unwrap (Hellboy?).  It must have been epic to have escaped my memory so thoroughly.

I didn’t get anything for him this year.  He doesn’t like collecting crap, so you can’t just buy anything.  For the surprise party, I told everyone to bring one pair of socks since he needed some, and now he’s flush.  This year I made up for a lack of wrapping paper with an abundance of nerd-inspired artistic creativity.  I generated a bunch of QR codes that read as little messages when decoded with an iPhone, wishing him happy birthday, and telling him about my plans for his birthday (DAIKOKUYA, driving my car while I sing happy birthday to him, etc.).

It was Diminutive Roommate’s idea to color them in, but omg it took forever.  I always underestimate how much time an art project will take me.  It’s crazy how time just slips away.  I started watching Kaze no Stigma last night as I colored.  I can’t decide if it’s funny, or the next generation of Fruits Basket.

I printed them out at work, colored them at home, woke up early and cut them out at his place, then closed myself in the closet and taped them up in a swirly pattern.  I snapped a photo while he asked for water (“Ok baby, one second…”).  Tee hee!

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Birthday plans

My birthday is tomorrow!

sissy cake

My big plans so far are:

-Sleep in

-Go out for breakfast, maybe to BLD (I hear they have amazing blueberry pancakes; it’s all I’ve been thinking about lately.  They’re $13)

-Feel good about vacuuming my room (that rug is a deeper shade of blue than I remember)

-Watch a ton of Buffy with Boyfriend and my buddy Big Toe

-Do some sketching

-Pick up the strawberry ice cream I left at my friends house last weekend

-Eat strawberry ice cream

-Get dinner at Barney’s Beanery on the Promenade because it’s close to the outdoor ice rink (plus they serve apple cider, and I am not going ice skating sober this year)

-Go ice skating with friends

-Probably watch some Day9 replays while eating more ice cream

-Get to bed before midnight so I can stop being sick for ten minutes this year

February 12, 3:44pm

UPDATE: So far so good!  Slept in until 10 (Boyfriend’s alarm woke us up, grrr), got blueberry pancakes (delicious, really more like giant crepes than pancakes), bought a couple comics at Meltdown, gonna do some sketching and watch some Buffy if I can do both at once 🙂

Kinda hungry, gonna eat some spicy tuna I bought at Mitsuwa yesterday.  I’m in such an awesome mood.  Birthdays are the best.

February 22, 4:23pm

totally worth the $13

UPDATE: Those blueberry pancakes from BLD were amazing.  The best part about them is how well they kept.  I just finished them off twenty minutes ago.  So good!  This year’s birthday was the best I can remember, and not just because I can’t really remember any of my other ones.  I was in an awesome mood from start to finish, even when Boyfriend had to go meet another DP at an open house (and the guy didn’t even show; he had to work).  It was such a great day.

disregard our facial expressions. we had an awesome time.

I went to Barney’s Beanery with some friends, were I got a complimentary “Birthday shot” that tasted like sweet lemons.  Then I had an Abita beer, and another shot of Tequila, followed by a tiny lava cake with candles!  I was mostly drunk while ice skating, where I encountered this guy in a onesie.  He and his lady friend were really nice, and just starting to learn how to do couples skating.  I woke up around 4am to throw up because of all the alcohol (although that amount of alcohol never would have made me puke before), but that technically wasn’t my birthday anymore!  So who cares!  Yay!

free cake!