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QR birthday

it's a secret code. it says... burfdah.

Today is Boyfriend’s birthday!  Apparently his parents didn’t make a big deal out of birthdays when he was growing up, so I take it upon myself every year to do something special for him.  Last year was a surprise party with Sprinkles cupcakes and about thirty people.  The year before… can’t remember, but I know I had a few things for him to unwrap (Hellboy?).  It must have been epic to have escaped my memory so thoroughly.

I didn’t get anything for him this year.  He doesn’t like collecting crap, so you can’t just buy anything.  For the surprise party, I told everyone to bring one pair of socks since he needed some, and now he’s flush.  This year I made up for a lack of wrapping paper with an abundance of nerd-inspired artistic creativity.  I generated a bunch of QR codes that read as little messages when decoded with an iPhone, wishing him happy birthday, and telling him about my plans for his birthday (DAIKOKUYA, driving my car while I sing happy birthday to him, etc.).

It was Diminutive Roommate’s idea to color them in, but omg it took forever.  I always underestimate how much time an art project will take me.  It’s crazy how time just slips away.  I started watching Kaze no Stigma last night as I colored.  I can’t decide if it’s funny, or the next generation of Fruits Basket.

I printed them out at work, colored them at home, woke up early and cut them out at his place, then closed myself in the closet and taped them up in a swirly pattern.  I snapped a photo while he asked for water (“Ok baby, one second…”).  Tee hee!


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