goodness, life

OMFG Imaginarium

inside: pure magic

I cannot begin to describe how rapidly and thoroughly I lost my shit whenever I saw the Imaginarium storefront.  My child-brain turned to mush as soon as I walked through the small door (I don’t think I ever entered through the big door).  My parents never bought us anything from this fantastic wonderland of magic and Legos, but they were generous enough to let us wander around and stare at stuff.  And stare we did.  O man.  Did I stare.

Not that I can remember anything I saw in there.  Except for the magnetic train set on wooden tracks that went up and down and made little turns and went through an awesome bridge… UGH I WANTED IT SO BAD!!

I still do.

Holy shit here it is!  The Imaginarium Classic Train Table with Roundhouse Wooden Train Set!  Just $285!



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