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The quiet death of good penmanship

I have thoughts that make me feel very, very old.  Today, I had a really devastating one:

Good penmanship is rapidly becoming obsolete, and that’s kind of a shame.

I was not taught handsome penmanship.  I was taught how to write, and if it was remotely legible, I got a passing grade.  I barely passed.  I remember one assignment where my words were so scrunched together that I put lines between them for clarity.  My teacher was not impressed by my consideration.

Here’s what I was taught:

adequate at best

Here’s what I wish I had been taught:

fucking brutal

How awesome would it be to be able to create something beautiful while writing something simple like a note to myself, or a quick letter to someone on a memo in the office?  It’s like being a word artist.  I’m working on sketching pictures of animals right now (so far I’ve adequately completed a fox and an otter) because being able to accurately draw whatever you want is an amazing ability that I don’t currently possess.  So I’m working on it.  But I wonder if I should be working on my penmanship too…

NO, of course not.  That would be pointless.  I will never hand-write as much as I type.  But it makes me sad that when I write, it’s bound to be a little scrawly and ugly.  I want to make pretty words look pretty.  I want to make ugly words look ironically pretty.  Haha, that would be hilarious; writing some cuss-filled, horrifyingly detailed medical report in perfect cursive.  New goal!


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