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Japan wins: Genki Sudo


My 100th (public) post, and it’s about Japanese music.  I am pleased.

I just discovered Genki Sudo, a retired MMA fighter/author/musician/Buddhist.  Did I mention he’s easy to look at?  Oh, and he can dance like a mother fucker.  He was apparently known for his flashy entrances into the ring before a fight.  I’ve watched a few videos where he was waiting for his opponent to strike, and just started popping and locking to pass the time and mess with them.  Pretty slick.  I’m totally amazed by this guy.  Talk about a Renaissance man.  So cool.

This song is completely overrun with Buddhist philosophy.  It’s all about how everything is an illusion, and enlightenment is letting go.  Pretty nice.  There’s one line that someone translated as, “I look up at the stars, and the darkness in my heart disappears.”  /smile


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