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Last night I went to Meltdown Comics for an anime-themed benefit event for Japan.  I couldn’t believe how many otaku showed up.  So cool!!!

There was art on silent auction in the back room (I bid $50 for a Fullmetal Alchemist cover signed by the entire English dubbing cast, no word yet on who won it), and a bunch of voice actors in the front sitting to sign whatever the fans brought.  There was a tip jar at the beginning of the line with more than a few $20 bills in it.  Wow.  I love the anime crowd.  They have so much love in their hearts.

All proceeds went toward rebuilding Japan, so everyone was very generous.  I chased down the lady selling raffle tickets just before they stopped selling them, and bought $20 worth.  I won a “small prize,” which turned out to be a bag of anime dvds!  Awesome!


Ergo Proxy (complete series)- This has been on my wish list for… I’m gonna say a year.  So the fact that I got to donate to Japan and got this in return is pretty much the definition of serendipitous.  Win!



Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (complete series)- This looks kind of adorable.  Looking forward to watching.  And I always like owning the complete series of anything.

we're 12 years old! hooray! lol


Gurren Lagann (season three)- This looks like complete trash, first of all.  Maybe the synopsis is just awful.  Second, season three?  What am I supposed to do with this, LOL!  I said, “Why would they give away season three of anything?  Why would they do that?”  Boyfriend: “Because it’s free.”  Oh.  Right.

The Story of Saiunkoku (season one)- This is going to be what fills my Fruits Basket void.  Something completely silly and so thoroughly anime, it’ll make make my eyes bleed.  Can’t wait.

Afterward, Boyfriend and I got ramen downtown at Daikokuya.  Delicious.  They had a box on a chair near the door for donations for rebuilding Japan.  My heart is breaking for the people over there.  The last death toll I read about a few days ago said 3,500.  This morning’s toll: 7,000, with 10,000 still missing.  I wish I could fix it.


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