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House cleaning win

Yesterday was the most productive day off I’ve had in a while.  In addition to going to the Japan benefit at Meltdown, I cleared out my closet (that thing is fucking cavernous!), and poked through some drawers to look for Sister’s old car keys, among other things (which, I just discovered, after stressing about losing them and other keys for the past month, have been in my purse the whole time).

i wonder if they've been washed away...

During my search, I found a bunch of Borders gift cards.  Borders has declared bankruptcy or some such, and they’re going down.  I went online to see what the cards were worth: $135!  Whaaaaaat?!  Time to wipe out  half of my wish list:

FLCL (fooly cooly)- I know nothing about this anime, only that the animation looks super cool.

Drainspotting– Book on Japanese manhole covers.  Intriguing, and with the recent tsunami, topical.

Summer Wars– I saw a trailer for this and was totally hooked.  Can’t wait to see it.


la la la la la

Daria (complete series)- I cannot believe I’m finally going to own this.  I was in 7th grade when this show started, and graduated from high school the year it ended.  It has its hooks in me.  Watching this show made me feel cool.  Like a cool, cool teenager.  The kind that leaned against walls and grinned at passing, scowling mothers dragging their gawking, awestruck offspring after them.

SUPER cool.

All that cost me about $12.  I’m pretty excited to get this stuff.  Plus I have to watch through the anime I won at Meltdown!  So much awesome, so little time!


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