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Last night I went to Meltdown Comics for an anime-themed benefit event for Japan.  I couldn’t believe how many otaku showed up.  So cool!!!

There was art on silent auction in the back room (I bid $50 for a Fullmetal Alchemist cover signed by the entire English dubbing cast, no word yet on who won it), and a bunch of voice actors in the front sitting to sign whatever the fans brought.  There was a tip jar at the beginning of the line with more than a few $20 bills in it.  Wow.  I love the anime crowd.  They have so much love in their hearts.

All proceeds went toward rebuilding Japan, so everyone was very generous.  I chased down the lady selling raffle tickets just before they stopped selling them, and bought $20 worth.  I won a “small prize,” which turned out to be a bag of anime dvds!  Awesome!


Ergo Proxy (complete series)- This has been on my wish list for… I’m gonna say a year.  So the fact that I got to donate to Japan and got this in return is pretty much the definition of serendipitous.  Win!



Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (complete series)- This looks kind of adorable.  Looking forward to watching.  And I always like owning the complete series of anything.

we're 12 years old! hooray! lol


Gurren Lagann (season three)- This looks like complete trash, first of all.  Maybe the synopsis is just awful.  Second, season three?  What am I supposed to do with this, LOL!  I said, “Why would they give away season three of anything?  Why would they do that?”  Boyfriend: “Because it’s free.”  Oh.  Right.

The Story of Saiunkoku (season one)- This is going to be what fills my Fruits Basket void.  Something completely silly and so thoroughly anime, it’ll make make my eyes bleed.  Can’t wait.

Afterward, Boyfriend and I got ramen downtown at Daikokuya.  Delicious.  They had a box on a chair near the door for donations for rebuilding Japan.  My heart is breaking for the people over there.  The last death toll I read about a few days ago said 3,500.  This morning’s toll: 7,000, with 10,000 still missing.  I wish I could fix it.

anime, goodness

Ear shinies

she has the coolest ears

I’m watching some Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  Still not sure how different it is from the original series, although it looks like Ed does some growing up, so maybe it turns out like Naruto Shippuden?

Anyway, in it, Winry wears a bunch of earrings, and a couple ear cuffs.  They just look awesome, so it’s got me thinking of getting some more ear decoration myself.  I’ve always thought about getting more than one earring, but the extra holes never really go away visually.  Then I found this website!


Cool, right?  Apparently the lady who makes this stuff ships all over the world, but is based in Estonia.  Wait… shit, where is that?  First guess, eastern Europe.  Now let’s have a look… WIN!  Winwinwin!  It’s just west of Russia, and north of Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus, which I would also have had a shameful amount of trouble locating on a map.  Unless they host an Olympics or a war, Americans will not be informed of (or care about) their existence.  Sorry, other 60% of the world!