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Ear shinies

she has the coolest ears

I’m watching some Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  Still not sure how different it is from the original series, although it looks like Ed does some growing up, so maybe it turns out like Naruto Shippuden?

Anyway, in it, Winry wears a bunch of earrings, and a couple ear cuffs.  They just look awesome, so it’s got me thinking of getting some more ear decoration myself.  I’ve always thought about getting more than one earring, but the extra holes never really go away visually.  Then I found this website!


Cool, right?  Apparently the lady who makes this stuff ships all over the world, but is based in Estonia.  Wait… shit, where is that?  First guess, eastern Europe.  Now let’s have a look… WIN!  Winwinwin!  It’s just west of Russia, and north of Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus, which I would also have had a shameful amount of trouble locating on a map.  Unless they host an Olympics or a war, Americans will not be informed of (or care about) their existence.  Sorry, other 60% of the world!

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Sometimes, deadly child ninjas > awesome female vampire killer

Can I just say the ViZ Media logo makes me excited?  It precedes every episode of Naruto, and it makes me smile.

spin spin spin!

I’m sick of the filler, but I can’t keep watching Buffy right now, it’s so damn depressing.  I’ve been waiting for sixteen episodes to see who’s gonna die in the final confrontation.  It’s all I can really think about, knowing it’s the last season, so I’m not really on board with the episodes leading up to the finale.

Death Predictions (with results):
Buffy (for sure) NOPE- how does that mortal wound not do it’s job?
Spike (either defending Buffy, or at the hands of Principal Wood) YEP- Aw, he was so happy, too.  That’s nice.
Willow (she’ll happily join Terra and die casting some awesome and/or touching spell to protect her friends) NOPE- she goes all white witch and runs out of juice?  What about turning into dark Willow and fucking shit up downstairs?
Xander (his last words will be to Anya: “I do.”) NOPE- I cannot believe Anya was the one to die.  Super, super sad.
Principal Wood (defending Spike… maybe) NOPE- Again, with the mortal wound not being… mortal.  Surprising.
Most of the Potentials (this is a no-brainer, right?  Those girls are toast.) um… NOPE?- I can’t really tell if the majority of those girls died, but the one in The Guild survived, and I’m pretty pleased about that.

EDIT March 2, 8:52pm

O shit, Faith is back!  I hope she dies.  I mean, another slayer has to take over.  I’m gonna call it: Faith dies before Buffy.  Now back to your irregularly scheduled blog.

Hey, y’know what I just realized?  Shikamaru is for Naruto what L is for Death Note.  The brilliant statistician who sits in his trademark pose in order to increase his focus and come up with a plan!  amirite?  Yessssss 🙂

the creepy bird perch. classic L.

in his signature one-knee crouch


Flipped for the sake of copyright?

Yes, it’s another Naruto credits song (Domino- You Can Do It!):

I watch this credit sequence every time. Just as the episode ends, I’m about to get out of my chair and close the browser, this comes on and I have to watch it. The animation, the choreography, the music, it’s just so well done. I’m a fan of this series. Could go without all the FILLER OMG, but I guess that’s expected.

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Slow death by filler episode

Here’s the problem with anime: filler. Filler episodes are what a good 80% of most anime TV series consist of. This is nowhere better demonstrated than in Dragonball Z, when whole episodes would be dedicated to someone try to fly to a location on the other side of a very small planet where a battle was going on. This “battle” consisted of only two people, who also spent a good two or three episodes “charging up,” or gathering energy for the (supposedly) ensuing battle.

The direct result of said filler episodes is that out of all the random Dragonball Z episodes I’ve managed to catch on Cartoon Network from my childhood up to now, I’ve never actually seen a battle. Such is the power of the filler.

Naruto Shippuden is also full of this crap. So when the last story arc ended, I was crushed. I would imagine I have some idea of what it must be like to watch my child excel in college, happily date, get straight A’s, and participate in multiple clubs and sports, only to return home after graduation, a single, ambitionless, unemployed, lumpy leftover person. That’s what I’m watching now. Leftovers of a superior series. Buh. Get it over with already. I wanna see Naruto and Hinata interact ONCE after everything went down (go Hinata! I QQd like a baby).

BUT NO, instead I’m stuck watching a talking ostrich reminisce to his kids about this one time Naruto was a jerk. No, wait, it’s not just any ostrich, that would be dumb. We’re dealing with a ninja ostrich. That’ll make it worth watching, right? [/scratches eyes out]


Kinda diggin’ the music…

I just (almost) got caught up with Naruto Shippuden, and remembered this opening credits song.

Hearts Grow – Yura Yura .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

The credits themselves are pretty great too. There’s another one called Hero’s Comeback that I really like too. Wish there was a website where I could buy international music.

There are a bunch of songs right now that have their hooks in me.
Linkin Park- Waiting for the end
One Republic- Secrets
John Mayer- Heartbreak Warfare

Music is weird like that. I’ll go months without hearing anything that catches my ear, then one day I turn on the radio and life makes sense.

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The fetish surfaces

So… this is embarrassing to admit, but there have been several times when I have the feeling that if a cartoon character were to come to life, I would totally hit on him. I’m not talking about a common cartoon crush or whatever. I mean… crap, what do I mean…?
It must be the whole package I’m drawn to; the environment the character is in, the simplicity of the rules, and so on. No homeless people, no menstruating, no bad haircuts, none of that crap. This must be what it’s like to have a crush on a celebrity after watching a movie.
And so, without further ado, before I blush myself into oblivion, my list of cartoon dudes I would seduce the shit out of were I given two dimensions of a chance (and the show/movie they’re featured in):

Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)- I’ll never be cool enough for this guy. Boys and girls all over Japan agree: Kakashi is the coolest. Also, a pervert.

Vash the Stampede (Trigun)- Vash is so broken and innocent. I want to take care of him. Among other things.

Spike (Cowboy Beebop)- He’s the best at what he does. His intelligence and physical skill make him a highly desirable mate. What? I’m just saying…

Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)- What can I say about this guy? He’s the outdoorsy type, the prince of his clan, he’s quick, courageous, animals trust him, and he’s voiced by Dr. Manhattan (that last part doesn’t actually do anything for me. Trivia!)

Needless to say all of these characters are a bit damaged, because who wants a man without a past? Not me, sister. They’re also drawn with special attention, none of that HUGE ANIME EYES baloney. Don’t get me wrong, their hair is all ridiculous, but that’s how anime distinguishes one character from another. I’m over it.

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Black Holes, Anime, and Fuckin’ StarCraft II

StarCraft II
My boyfriend was nice enough to pick me up a copy of StarCraft II the night it came out. He’s been pretty excited to play it, and I can clunk through an RTS when I need to, so I wanted to experience it with him. But for the past two weeks I haven’t played SCII for more than ten minutes without buggy black screens, etc. fucking up my game play and making the simplest game aginst the AI impossible. I’m just trying to impress my boyfriend here, dammit. I am so full of hate for this game.

If it wasn’t apparent, I’m an anime fan. I’ve been following Naruto for… shit, for a few years now I guess. It’s a fun show with annoying patches of filler episodes (typical anime). It was really getting good for while there, too. The most recent episodes featured an entire city getting wiped off the map, main characters dying off left, right and center, huge fights, revelations, you name it. And just when we’re about to get into the final confrontation between the protagonist and antagonist… we jump back in time to watch Naruto and his friends do some ridiculous quest. Little kid Naruto is adorable, but WTF?! I just want to know what happens to the Hidden Leaf! What happens to Hinata? What do Naruto and the bad guy talk about? Do they reach a resolution? Do they fight? Does Naruto finally become Hokage? Double-U Teeeee Effffff

Black Holes
I work with kids part-time, which is really fun sometimes. You just never know what they’re going to say. Yesterday we were talking about outer space, and I mentioned black holes. None of the kids knew what a black hole was. I described it as “something that’s super tiny that can eat anything and everything up.” Then I told them that after something is eaten up, we lose track of it. No one on Earth has any idea where it goes. The kids could not believe what I had just said. A couple of them literally thought I was lying. I said, “Really! It’s a huge mystery. Even the smartest people in the world don’t know where it goes after it gets eaten up by a black hole.” Then I did what my dad used to do: I made them try to think up an answer all by themselves. I asked, “Where do you guys think it goes?” They were all quiet for a few seconds, until one boy said, “Maybe it goes into the future.”
Wow. Just… wow. I couldn’t believe he said that. How awesome is that kid’s brain that the future is the first thing he thinks of. Not a place, a TIME. HAHAHAHA!! Amazing!