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Go Jews!

I’ll never be one to encourage religious belief, but learning about the afikoman hunt certainly softens my stance a little.  It’s kind of cute.

Being raised with just a few Jewish friends, I never heard of the afikoman.  It’s a the dessert at the end of the Seder.  Commonly, it’s either hidden for children to find (afterwards they’re rewarded with sweets or money), or the children “steal” it, and demand a reward for its safe return.  This tradition is apparently for “keeping children awake and alert during the Seder proceedings,” lol!  So cute!

On a more serious note, I occasionally question Wikipedia’s choice of photographical representation.  Why put a burnt, sad looking piece of matzo:


when you could put a happy, appetizing piece of matzo:


Right?  Get your shit right, Wikipedia.  The world is watching.


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