This should be permanent

Improv Everywhere is one of my favorite things.  I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned them before!  They get a bunch of strangers together and get them to do something simple and often hilarious.  They are basically the original flashmob organizers.  The best one they did was when they invited people to wear khakis and a royal blue polo shirt, and wander into a Best Buy, pretending to work there and help people with any questions they had.  Naturally, they got kicked out after a while, but that brand of harmless fun is just so appealing.  Gotta participate one day.

Recently, they put up a podium in the heart of New York city with an attached megaphone with a sign that said “SAY SOMETHING NICE.”  And people did, proving that given the right prompt, people can commit random acts of goodness just about anywhere for no reason at all.  The number of people who said “I love you” was particularly surprising.


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