goodness, life

Then I peed myself

the classic

Sister and I had a book of scary stories growing up, and I’m starting to wonder why we were allowed to read them/look at the illustrations.  Even now, the drawings are… just horrifying.  How was this for children?!  It was so thoroughly creepy that I got the feeling that it was maybe too scary even for some adults, which made me feel brave.

It was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz, illustrated by Stephen Gammell, and it fucked me up in the head as a kid.  It took guts to open this book.  I found it on sale at a Barnes & Noble a couple years ago, and bought a copy for myself, and one for Sister.  Classic!

omfg RUN

OMG WTF they changed the art in the 30th anniversary edition!  NOT COOL.  The art is what I remember most!  It was so thoroughly tweaked.  SHAME.


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