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Free food!

A meeting I organize every other month went well yesterday, and as usual, we had a ton of food left over from the catering.  We did what we usually do: we took it back to the office to feed the starving students.  Sometimes people don’t understand that food left on the counter in the small kitchen area we have in the office is free-for-all, so I was sure to make a sign everyone would understand, and, more than that, would flood the onlooker with warmth and a sense that this food really was meant for general human consumption, devoid of any financial commitment.

mission accomplished

When I was a student, I used to get a calzone and salad with a drink almost every day I had class for at least a year.  The line was obscenely long around the lunch hour, so one day, since I was in a hurry, I just walked out.  I was in a hurry, and almost broke anyway, so I figured what the hell?  If anyone stopped me, I would say I was just saying hi to a friend, and jump back in line.

I ended up getting away with it, only to discover that stolen food tastes better than food I’ve exchanged for currency.  This is not a fluke; every item of food I’ve ever stolen has always tasted better than when I pay for it.  How fucked up is that?  But I didn’t make the rules.  These are FACTS.  I’m just acutely aware of them.


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