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When juggling becomes literal

stay in school, kids

I just got back from a bar with friends.  I’m not a big drinker, and I’m a total lightweight (the two are related), so after one beer I’m pretty much done with drinking, and the rest of the night is spent socializing and sobering up, which is actually pretty fun.

Tonight we went to a bar that has a large outdoor area in the back.  They have turtle races, beer pong, and a beanbag toss.  I think tossing a beanbag into a hole twenty feet away is pointless and stupid, so I picked up three of them and started juggling instead.  Boardgame Friend came over and joined me (he can juggle too), and we decided to challenge ourselves.  He tossed me one while I waited with one in each hand, then used that one to start the rhythm.  Then I’d throw him one and he would start juggling with that one.  It’s actually pretty challenging, especially buzzed.  But we spent a solid hour or more on this little venture, on and off, throughout the night.  It was actually really fun, I almost worked up a sweat (we both spent a good amount of time chasing after wildly thrown beanbags).

Now we have to get some of our own so we can practice and get good at this!  I’ll have to find a toy store or something where I can get them for cheap.


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